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The Best Web Host in Australia

If you need a professional web hosting company based in Australia, we at Ubokia will provide you with a broad range of website hosting services and high-quality products which will make your website fully functional and aesthetically attractive (yes we do web design too). It doesn’t matter if you need shared hosting, a great vps, a lightning fast dedicated server, or even cloud hosting… we’ve got the right plan for you. Now you might wonder, how can they say they’re the best website host in Australia? Well, we’ve got it from a great source that actually focuses on the best Australian web hosting reviews and comparisons, and last year we made it onto their best website hosting list (for  Australia that is). So yeah, that’s why we can say that 🙂

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Since we have a lot of experience in this business, we at ubokia.com are familiar with the needs of our customers and we try to offer state-of-the-art products to our clients. A full spectrum of our standard services can even be expanded with our extra features, and customers are usually very satisfied with the quality of our products.

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Shared hosting

Shared hosting is probably our most-used product, and a lot of clients are choosing this option because it provides them with a great money per value ratio. Shared hosting is ideal for smaller businesses and bloggers, and according to recent research – almost 90% of the current websites are using this hosting method.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is also one of our popular products, and this hosting option provides clients with high performances and ultimate reliability. Fully managed servers are monitored at all times by our certified technicians, and this option is recommended to corporate enterprises and companies with massive data traffic.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is a modern and highly sophisticated method of offering spaces for website data, and this system provides clients with access to lightning fast SSDs and incredible power. Cloud hosting is flexible and can be easily upgraded or downgraded, and our teams are offering 24/7 customer support.


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James S.

I am very happy that I’ve discovered ubokia.com, and they have provided me with excellent service and easy-to-use products. My business is booming because of their help!

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636x636 - pexels young adults

Mary J.



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Sam B.

Signing with ubokia.com was one my best decisions, and I am satisfied with the way my website is working. Very professional hosting company with a lot of useful products and features!
Introducing cloud sites
Cloud sites are the future of the Internet, and modern trends in the global Web development industry are showing the need for such fast-access websites. Ubokia.com offers cloud hosting at very affordable prices, and our cloud sites come with top-notch safety and reliability.
About web hosting service and guide
About web hosting service and guide: Web hosting service is important for any business that wants to be visible on the Internet, and this practically means – every business in the world. We at ubokia.com offer various types of hosting options, and we offer free guides to our clients so that they can learn more about the different features and products that we provide. Web hosting is a relatively simple area, but a lot of complicated and sophisticated terms can be a bit confusing for an average person, and that is why we are here. Our highly trained and knowledgeable teams will help you with anything you need, and the process of signing up and choosing a hosting option is very fast and straightforward.
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