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If you need a professional web hosting company, we at Ubokia used to provide a broad range of website hosting services and high-quality products (yes we did web design too). It doesn’t matter if you needed shared hosting, a great vps, a lightning fast dedicated server, or even cloud hosting… we had the right plan for you.

Now you might wonder, how can we say we were good? Well, we’ve got it from a great source that actually focuses on the best Australian web hosting reviews and comparisons, and last year we made it onto this best website hosting list (again, for Australia).

We switched focus from providing hosting services to reviewing hosting providers… hoping to lend a helping hand to those in need of a great web host.


Country-based hosting comparisons

Since we have a lot of experience in the hosting industry, we’re dedicated to helping others find the perfect website host based on their country and target audience!

Reviewing Web Hosts

We stopped offering web hosting and have switched to reviewing other web hosting providers.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is probably the most popular hosting type, and a lot of clients are choosing this option because it provides them with a great money per value ratio. Shared hosting is ideal for smaller businesses and bloggers, and according to recent research – almost 90% of the current websites are using this hosting type.

Dedicated hosting

This hosting option provides clients with high performances and ultimate reliability. Fully managed servers are monitored at all times by our certified technicians, and this option is recommended to corporate enterprises and companies with massive data traffic.

Web hosting comparisons by country

Finding a quality web hosting provider can be tricky, so we’ve reviewed the top web hosts for different countries, sorted by support, speed, features, and many more factors.


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What is .htaccess?

Most of the hosting providers (We recommend Hostinger, SiteGround, A2 Hosting, GreenGeeks, and Kinsta among others for audiences in Australia, Malaysia, UK, Singapore, Canada) that host the majority of commercial websites on the internet use a version of the popular...

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How to Secure Your WordPress Site?

The increased risk of cyberattacks is one of the primary concerns that all websites and business owners face today. There is a danger of financial loss due to the business downtime, but leaking sensitive data such as customer personal information, payment records,...

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How Do Nameservers Work?

The simplest way to describe the function of nameservers is that these nifty inventions navigate websites without you memorizing a string of numbers called an "IP address." Nameservers help you control your DNS (domain name systems) values so that Internet...

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