Should I approve pingback comments? This is a question posed by both new and seasoned bloggers. The answer is an ‘Yes’ and a ‘No’. Confused? For newbies, it is better to start with the basics of Pingback comments and then move on to answering this question.

There are three jargons one will be familiar with, while using WordPress. Trackbacks, Pingbacks and WebMentions.

  • Trackbacks are a linkback mechanism introduced by WordPress to give a traffic boost to your site. When a trackback is sent, it automatically includes a link to the site from where it was generated and an excerpt to the link along with the link will appear on the comment section of the receiving site.
  • The disadvantage of trackbacks is that they can be easily faked. That is when the pingbacks came into existence to put an end to the trackback misuse. As pingbacks are automated, it is not easy to fake them. But eventually, trackbacks were also hacked.
  • Webmentions are the new ones after pingback. They are simple to use. But they are not simple to hack and they look natural than the above two.

PingBack in Detail

Pingback can be defined as a notification from another website that links to your website. As this pingback is an automatic process done by the server software, it is a bit tough to hack. Any pingback notification that comes from another website will ask for your approval and only when approved, it will be displayed in your site’s posting as a comment entry.

Should Pingback comments be Approved?

The pingback comments are advantageous in a way that you will get to know the type of readers of your content. Pingbacks are also useful for SEO (only when they are used correctly and appropriately) as they show the extract of the surrounding text that has a link back to your site. But, at the same time, they also contain abusing contents from spammers and hackers. Hence, readers of your site might sometimes get frustrated by reading the comments.

Other than spamming, pingback do not harm anything else in your site. So, approval of the pingback comment can be done after thorough investigation of the link that comes as part of the message. If it is from a legitimate source, then it can help in building up the link profile. If it is a spam, then it could trash your site.


Approving pingback is the individual’s choice. But care need to be taken so that it develops interests in the readers instead of distracting them.