Best Free Web Hosting

The choice of free web-hosting options during the last few years has grown rapidly. It makes financial sense for most businesses to create a website. The good news is that you can choose one of the best free web-hosting providers and just get started. No financial commitment means that you can test the waters before selecting the right web hosting service for your requirements.

Free web hosts come at a cost, however. You’ll face restrictions on server speed, bandwidth, storage capacity, and uptimes. Making the right choice depends upon which host offers the most desirable features in its free package. If you select the right host, you can get the features that you require without financial investment.

Best Free Web Hosting 2020 – Reviews


000webhost logo may be the right web hosting service if you want to avoid ads. It’s one of the more popular services on the market. Hostgator is the parent company. The lack of ads means you can set up and maintain your website without annoying pop-ups.

The free plan includes 300 MB of storage space and 3 GB bandwidth as well as a MySQL database, CloudFlare protection, one Cronjob, and an FTP account.

It’s a limited amount of bandwidth and storage space, so you would need to keep an eye on it to prevent your website running out of resources to function properly. If needed, you can upgrade to the single shared hosting plan for a small upcharge.

This company provides no customer support or an email service with the free plan. Therefore, it’s not the best option for you if you think you will need assistance to get started. Alternative free web hosting providers might be a better choice if you are building your first website.

Overall, 000Webhost offers enough functionality to build your website and start generating traffic. The limited storage space and bandwidth means you’ll probably need to upgrade quickly once the website grows.


  • No advertisements
  • 3 GB bandwidth is enough for a small volume of traffic
  • Paid plans offer a competitive rate


  • The free plan has no customer support
  • Storage space is only 300 MB for the free plan

2. Wix

wix logo

The drag-and-drop user interface of Wix means anyone can build a website. Therefore, you don’t need prior experience or understanding of coding to build a fully functioning website. Wix is also a cloud-based setup, which means cloud data storage.

You receive 500 MB storage with the free plan. This amount of storage space is enough to create a small website, but you’ll need to upgrade for larger ones.

The drawbacks include ads blasted all over your website. Business owners may feel it’s a deal-breaker since customers will be confused if some ads go straight to the competition. Also, the free- plan URL is on the WIX domain, which can be confusing for customers who expect your company name to feature in the URL.

In conclusion, Wix is a popular free web-hosting service that has a great drag-and-drop user interface that gives you complete control over each design decision. The free plan even offers customer support if you get stuck while building your website.


  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Customer support (even with free plan)
  • Trusted brand name


  • Advertisements on your website
  • Wix domain name

3. Weebly

weebly logo

More than 40 million people use Weebly, which makes it one of the most popular free website builders. The hosting solution is excellent since users receive a free SSL certificate and 500 MB of storage space. The security certificate is ideal for setting up a website that involves the transfer of sensitive information.

Customer support via email and chat is available on the free plan. That’s perfect when you’re stuck and need help figuring out how to use the features. For example, you can use the export website feature to transfer the site to other platforms, which is ideal if you build a website you like but want to switch to a different hosting provider.

Weebly offers a website builder with many customization options. The steep learning curve is a downside that you’ll need to overcome to take full advantage of Weebly’s free plan. You may need to utilize the free customer support several times along the way.

Overall, Weebly is a good choice if you need an SSL certificate and may want to export the website. The helpful customer support makes using Weebly an enjoyable experience. Despite that, you may get stuck since the website builder has a steeper learning curve than the alternatives on this page.


  • SSL certificate
  • Customer support
  • Exportable website


  • The website builder has a learning curve


WordPress logo

WordPress is arguably the most popular content management system, but how does its free web- hosting service compare? The free plan includes 3 GB of storage space, which is more than what some alternatives provide. Its Jetpack feature allows you to optimize the website for speed and helps protect against spammers.

Free themes are an excellent reason to choose WordPress since you can quickly build your website. Also, SSL certificates are pre-installed, allowing your website to enjoy a layer of security. The user interface is intuitive and has a small learning curve.

The lack of customer support is one of the significant downsides with the free plan.

Upgrading from the free plan is easy since you have a choice of affordable paid plans. WordPress offers something for individual users as well as businesses looking to start an e-commerce operation.

Overall, WordPress offers an easy-to-use free hosting plan that provides a generous amount of storage space. You can build a fully functioning website using the free plan and then upgrade when appropriate.


  • The website builder comes with free themes
  • The free plan provides 3 GB of storage space
  • WordPress plan includes an SSL certificate


  • The free plan offers no customer support
  • Most features are behind a paywall

Frequently Asked Questions

web hosting

Does Google have free Web Hosting?

You can use the Google Could web hosting to build and maintain a website using its platform. The website comes with support documentation that explains how to use the features. You can get started for free, but advanced features and access to more storage space require a paid plan. Google Web Hosting allows you to integrate Google’s services with those of WordPress, which is handy if you’re already using a WordPress website and are looking for a new web host.

Is GoDaddy free?

GoDaddy does not offer a free web-hosting plan. Despite that, you can choose from four hosting plans: Economy, Deluxe, Ultimate, and Maximum. The hosting plans come with free additions, such as a domain name, which typically requires an annual fee. You should carefully inspect the differences between the four paid plans to determine which one best matches your requirements.

Is WordPress hosting free? offers a free hosting plan to try out the core features and website builders. You will need to upgrade to a paid plan to utilize advanced features and extras. For example, customer support requires a paid plan.

Can I host my own website with my own computer?

You can host your website using your computer, but beware of limitations. Web-hosting services allow your website to be online 24/7 without interruptions. That’s because dedicated servers are always online. Hosting a website locally means your computer must also always stay online 24/7, which may not be practical.

Which is better: GoDaddy or Wix?

The answer depends on what you value most from a web host. Wix is the better choice if you want a user-friendly interface and a free hosting plan. GoDaddy offers a free domain if you opt for one of the company’s paid plans. Weigh up the features of each hosting provider to determine which service may be the best match.

Is WordPress free with GoDaddy?

Yes, the WordPress website builder is free when using a GoDaddy hosting solution. You’ll need to pay for the GoDaddy service, but you’ll receive the benefits of WordPress without extra charge. Some WordPress features, such as third party plugins, require payment. However, the core WordPress features are free of charge. WordPress is one of the best website builders out there and offers something for every type of website.

What are the disadvantages of free web hosting?

Free web hosting usually offers reduced functionality and limited features. For example, the storage space and bandwidth allocation for most free web hosts are only suitable for small websites. Medium-to-large websites requires upgrading to a paid plan. Also, free web hosting plans may display ads on your website or fail to offer customer support. The specific free web-hosting disadvantages vary, so you’ll need to research before making a choice. Upgrading to a paid plan is the best way to overcome the disadvantages of a free plan. Not all free plans offer every feature available because there are tiers.

How can I get a free domain?

You can receive free domains when choosing a paid web hosting plan. For example, GoDaddy offers a free domain when opting for one of its paid plans. Note that the free domain is not without payment forever. Domains require an annual fee, and hosting plans may only pay for the first year of the domain fee. Subsequent years may require renewal payments to ensure that the domain remains in your ownership.

Is Squarespace better than GoDaddy?

Squarespace offers free web hosting, but GoDaddy only has paid plans. Therefore, Squarespace is the clear choice if you want a free plan to build a website without financial commitment. It also features one of the best website builders on the market. The ease of use and customizability rivals market leaders like WordPress. Don’t forget to compare each hosting provider to determine what service provides the best mix of features for your needs.