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The answer to “VPS hosting vs. dedicated server” isn’t as straightforward as you may imagine. Our experts have unpacked the differences below to help you decide which web-hosting service best suits your needs.

One of the most impactful decisions website owners can make is choosing a website server. It is essential because a website and its displays will not function optimally with the wrong type of web-hosting services.

A mismatched site and server causes downtime and failing customer satisfaction ratings. As website owners, the web-hosting services you choose are a significant factor in your website’s success.

There are four major types of web-hosting services, including:

  • Shared Hosting Plans, ideal for blogs and small-scale websites;
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting Plans, which can cover multiple sites and hosting accounts;
  • Cloud Hosting Plans that use cloud resources as opposed to traditional hosting services, allowing all solutions to reside on a single server; and
  • Dedicated Hosting Plans, which give you a reserved server for private use where all rights and customizations are within your grasp.

Many of the best web hosting Australia, best web hosting Canada, best web hosting Malaysia, best web hosting Singapore, and best web hosting UK offer all four if you are looking for any.

Let’s explore the primary differences between VPS hosting vs. dedicated server options.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting functions similarly to that of a dedicated server, except that you only own a portion of the hosting plan. It generates more traffic within your website, which may potentially cause downtime and poor user experiences if your model is incompatible.

Think of VPS hosting as a space that belongs to a Wi-Fi network. It is used by multiple devices and accounts, so your domain occupies only a portion of this platform shared with other websites.

The amazing benefit of VPS hosting is that you do not have to worry about rights, maintenance, or other factors of the hosting platform in its entirety. The responsibility is left with the primary host (we recommend Hostinger, A2 Hosting, and HostPapa‘s VPS plans).

More about Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting means that you are the sole owner of the entire hosting space. You have the right to the whole hosting space, but this includes its maintenance and other administrative functions.

Generally, websites that use a dedicated server have over 500,000 visitors monthly. You may need technical staff to ensure that the server is well-maintained, warding off corrupt web traffic and damaging security breaches.

Despite the higher costs, a dedicated server provides you with the freedom to configure your website to your heart’s content.

VPS Hosting vs. Dedicated Servers: Key Differences

Let’s take a look at the five substantial differences between VPS hosting and dedicated servers:

Resource Management

In VPS hosting, you are only a part-owner of the hosting server. You have to share the hosting service with all other website owners.

As a part-owner, there are limits to configuration and customization. In a dedicated server, you are the owner of the entire hosting server, so you control everything, from maintenance to modifications.

Verdict: Dedicated Hosting has more resources and responsibility.


A competitive website has less traffic and minimal wait time, guaranteeing higher productivity for your customers. In VPS hosting, you share bandwidth with other sites, so the probability of extra web traffic and longer wait times is significantly higher.

A dedicated server can mitigate these factors easily. You own the totality of the web-hosting service, with sole control over how you want to handle web traffic. With the right configuration, you can grant your visitors a flawless customer experience.

Verdict: Dedicated Hosting offers better website performance with the right configuration.


VPS hosting offers managed and unmanaged plans, providing better customization possibilities. Managed plans are usually more expensive.

There are no limits to customizing on your dedicated server.

Verdict: Dedicated Hosting allows limitless customization, but you have to do it yourself.


VPN hosting has the necessary safety and security features to prevent malware and potential hackers from breaking into your site. The most significant risk is that it is a shared platform, so a security breach from other sites is more likely.

If you’re using a dedicated server, you have control over how you want to protect your server.

Verdict: VPS hosting limits security and risks threats on shared bandwidth.


VPS hosting is significantly more affordable than a dedicated server since it shares its platform. If you are after value in other areas, such as customization and traffic control, then a dedicated server is worth the higher price.

Verdict: VPS hosting is cheaper for starter websites or bloggers.

The Final Bell

Choosing between VPS hosting vs. a dedicated server depends on your website’s purpose and what you’re willing to pay.

For small-scale websites and blogs, the more affordable VPS hosting offers mid-range security and web-hosting features.

For more prominent websites with high web traffic, a dedicated server has unlimited, customizable features and stricter security protocols.